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By signing up for a MyNI account you agree to the storage, retrieval and use of your chosen username, encrypted password and any other data you may provide as part of your use of Nikki's Info (such as your item selections). This data is stored on the servers of a third party server or hosting provider which is needed to provide you with access to the services on Nikki's Info. Nikki's Info aims to minimise the amount of personal data it collects about you, so details such as your name and email address are not required or collected. Nikki's Info also aims to keep the data you provide secure, but does not offer any warranties or guarantees as to its security. You can request to have your MyNI account and MyNI data deleted by contacting Sweet Cupcake on the Discord service linked in the footer of this website. You will have to verify the account belongs to you.

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This policy was last updated on 18 February 2018.